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Our Committment

What is the Saanich Civic League?

Saanich Civic League is a non-profit society formed by local citizens. We are committed to protecting and enhancing quality of life and wellbeing in Saanich through increased civic engagement. Our inspiration comes from the successful Guelph Civic League.

Our work is values-based. We focus on values, rather than issues

One of our first- year goals is to increase the number of informed voters in Saanich municipal elections. Why? Because we believe quality of life in Saanich today, and for the future, depends upon citizens re-engaging in democracy at the local level.

Re-engagement begins with conversations about what we value in our community. We call it “re-inventing citizenship” in Saanich.

Why Saanich Civic League?

Civic engagement, as measured by voter turnout, has declined significantly over the past decade. Almost 21% of eligible voters voted in our last municipal election, 2008. In 1996 – 30% of Saanich voters cast a municipal ballot. In 1999 – 27% voted. In 2002 –25%. What are the ramifications for Saanich’s future, and the future of democracy, when fewer than one in five of us vote for the level of government that most directly affects our daily lives? Your vote carries more weight proportionally at the local level in municipal elections than at the provincial or federal level. Is what you value about your community on the municipal political agenda?

Saanich Civic League members believe the planning and management of our city will be enhanced by increasing residents’ participation, and voice.

Are we a political party?

No. Saanich Civic League is not a political party, nor do we have ties to any political parties. We are a non-partisan citizen’s advocacy group.

We are committed to:

Promoting non-partisan discussion among citizens, organizations, and local government. Engaging our neighbours in conversations about what they value for Saanich. Encouraging Saanich residents to become better informed about community and civic governance matters. Mobilizing more informed voters to vote – Mobilizing more informed voters to vote.