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SCL Constitution & Bylaws


Individual annual membership $25.
Organization annual membership $75.
Student annual membership $5.

‘Annual’ is deemed to be January 1 to December 31.
Membership is half the annual rate for those who join after July 1 of the year, with membership expiring December 31 at which time full annual membership applies for following year.

Membership payable to Saanich Civic League.
Mail cheque to: Box 30222 Saanich Centre PO Saanich BC  V8X 5E1 

Or, join on-line at How You Can Help SCL website page.


  1. The name of the society is SAANICH CIVIC LEAGUE SOCIETY
  1. The purpose(s) of the society are:

a) To engage Saanich citizens in discussions about community values that protect and enhance quality of life and well-being in our municipality.
b) To encourage the participation of Saanich citizens in community and civic governance issues
c) To promote progressive, non partisan dialogue between citizens, organizations and local government to advance the objectives of the League
d) To maintain a network of contacts to assist in the dissemination of expertise on community and civic issues
e) To represent and support the common interests of members and member organizations
f) To mobilize an increased number of informed citizens to vote in Saanich municipal elections.

  1. The area in which the society operates is the District of Saanich.
    This provision is alterable.


The bylaws of the society are those set out in Schedule B of the Society Act, with the following variations, deletions and additions:

Part 1 Interpretation
1 (1) In these bylaws, unless the context otherwise requires:
“meeting” includes electronic or conference call meetings.
“voting” includes voting by electronic or telephone means.
“civic and/or community group” means any voluntary, not-for-profit organization that serves the interests of Saanich residents, or any group with an elected Board or Executive Committee with a membership organized around a common interest whose objectives are consistent with the purposes of the Saanich Civic League Society and whose membership includes District of Saanich residents.
“individual” means any Saanich resident who has the objective of serving her/his community in ways that conform to the purposes of Saanich Civic League Society.
“league” and “society” mean Saanich Civic League Society.

  1. Bylaw 3 of Part 2 – Membership
    The members of the society are the applicants for incorporation of the society, and those persons and/or civic and community groups who subsequently become members, in accordance with these bylaws and, in either case, have not ceased to be members.
  1. Bylaw 4 of Part 2 – Membership
    Any individual, and any civic and/or community group, as defined in Part 1 Interpretation, may apply to the directors for membership in the society and on acceptance by the directors is a member.
  1. Bylaw 22 (2) of Part 4 – Proceedings at General Meetings
    Voting is by a show of hands, and if requested by any member present, the vote shall be counted and recorded in the minutes.
  1. Bylaw 24 of Part 4 – Proceedings at General Meetings
    All meetings of the board of directors shall be open to the membership of the association.
  1. Bylaw 25 (1) of Part 5 – Directors and Officers
    A board of directors (may also be known as Steering Committee) numbering no less than three (3) shall choose from among their number the officers of the society i.e. President (may also be known as Chair), Secretary, Treasurer.
  1. Bylaw 25 (2) of Part 5 – Directors and Officers
    The number of directors must be 3 or a greater number determined from time to time at a general meeting.
  1. Bylaw 30 (2) of Part 5 – Directors and Officers
    The directors shall not be liable for any action taken or omitted by them in good faith, or for the acts of any agent, employee or attorney selected by the directors with reasonable care, and no directors shall be liable for any acts of omissions of any other director.
  1. Bylaw 41 of Part 7 – Duties of Officers
    The Vice-President of another director selected by a majority of directors, must carry out the duties of the president (or Chair) during the president’s absence.
  1. Bylaw 44 (2) If a secretary treasurer holds office, the total number of directors must not be less than 3 or the greater number than may have been determined under bylaw 25 (2).
  1.  Bylaw 48 of Part 9 – Borrowing
    In order to carry out the purposes of the society the directors may, on behalf of and in the name of the society, raise or secure the payment or repayment of money in the manner they decide. The society may issue debentures however debentures may not be issues without the authority of a special resolution of the society, requiring a seventy-five percent (75%) majority of members present at the meeting.
  1. Bylaw 49 of Part 9 – Borrowing
    On approval of seventy-five percent (75%) of the directors the board may authorize a donation of society funds to any organization or project which it considers qualified under the constitution.
  1. Bylaw 58 of Part 11 – Notices to Members
    A notice may be given to a member, either personally, electronically, or by mail to the member at the member’s registered address.
  1. Bylaw 59 of Part 11 – Notices to Members
    A notice sent by mail, or electronically, is deemed to have been given on the second day following the day on which the notice is posted or sent, and in proving that notice has been given, it is sufficient to prove the notice was properly addressed when sent.
  1. Bylaw 61 of Part 12 – Bylaws
    On being admitted to membership, each member is entitled to, and the society
    shall make accessible to the member via electronic or other means a copy of the constitution and bylaws of the society.  (‘accessible’ meaning the posting of bylaws on society website).
  1. Bylaw 62 of Part 12 – Bylaws
    The bylaws of the society may be amended at any special or annual meeting of the association by a special resolutions requiring seventy-give percent (75%) majority vote of the members present.
  1. Bylaw 1 of new Party 13 – Dissolution
    In the event of the dissolution of the society, the members shall appoint a special committee to liquidate the assets and satisfy the liabilities of the society, and the assets, after ratification by a meeting of members, shall be distributed to one or more recognized Community Associations or like-minded organizations serving the interests of Saanich citizens.

Saanich Civic League Society was incorporated under the B.C. Society Act
December 28, 2007.   Non-profit Society Number  S-53070